Marooned mix
Marooned is a new annual mix CD project from Harry Towell, who is also known for running the Audio Gourmet label and for his sound design work as Spheruleus.

Marooned (Vol.1) by Spheruleus on Mixcloud


Herzog - Ocean! Be Our Blanket

Great Axescapes: an Archaeology of Drone-gaze Tone-haze Guitar-wranglings (reprised)
I compiled and uploaded these here a couple of years ago but, annoyingly, the players and links had long gone dead ('Arse' to useless storage sites that disappear overnight). Anyway, as they had been the outcome of something of a labour of love - many hours of researching, sifting, and compiling, I decided to find a way of re-upping them again so that they'd be more enduringly accessible. So I’ve chosen to make these available as cloudcasts for easy streaming. Ladies and gentlement, hi ope you henjoy…

Great Axescapes!

Senking - Pong!
Fabulously sick. The music is more fabulous. The video is definitely more sick (whacko-city towards the end...)

Friends of Night


Celer - Culling The Past From Unsentient Weeks
Feeling Celer-y...

You guessed it... mo' albient audio-scribble. This one's a bit more finished than others previously posted:

Some alternative titles: Crumbling Sunblasted Edifices... A Million Vermilion Persimmons ... now you try...

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Low grade audio-flotsam seeping up from out of the darkness at the edge of tone.

Unfurled Whirled
Spiriting Ezan boy out of the Furled World...

(More DIY doodle from the albient audio-sandpit)

That's the day I realized...
that there was this... entire Life Behind Things...

(More DIY audio-doodle from the loco playroom)


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