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You thrilled to the first instalment, nowthatswhaticallmnmlambidubtechno! vol.1, gasped open-mouthed as the second volume hit you with a double whammy in the auricular canal and solar plexus. Now get ready to be shocked and awed by a new episode of painfully bleeding edge atmo-tech, nowthatswhaticallambidubdreamtech!
This mix sees a tweaking of the paradigm, in that, while retaining the tech and the ambient and a good dose of the dub, it pushes the textures and atmospheres towards the shoegaze and dreampop side, the mnml yielding to swathes of shoes-wooze/daze-gaze.


va - nowthatswhaticallambidubdreamtech! for downloading delight HERE (for stream-savouring, below).
00:00 marcel fengler-‘mnml ssgs mx14’ (extract)-mnml ssgs mx14: marcel fengler (
04:39 grit-‘perpetual’-tunnel transmissions vol.1-(rohs! netlabel:
07:44 somfay-‘crash into the clouds’-amaranthine reverie-(archipel)
15:04 global systems silently moving-‘movement six’-altering the air-(silentes)
19:39 the sight below/papercutz-‘ultravioleta (the sight below remix)-ultravioleta rmxs-(apegenine)
25:08 delta funktionen-‘nebula’-electromagnetic radiation part 1-(ann aimee)
30:21 quantec-‘crank eye’ (edit)-ray of hope-(echocord)
34:52 mlz-‘minus (mlz remix)’-mlz & pacou remixes-(cache)
39:37 t++-‘aquatic’-aquatic/storm-(erosion)
43:17 marko fuerstenberg-‘site 312’-campfire dialogue-(echocord)
48:10 silent servant-‘violencia (original version)’-violencia-(sandwell district)
52:31 atheus-‘quadradelay’-weide ep-(baum)
58:14 jesse somfay-‘fricative white (from a whisper to a scream)’ (edit)-serendip-(archipel)
1:07:38 mixends

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This is good-- any chance of re-upping it so those of us who don't get to stream very often can get a copy?



Now re-upped with new link to file. Try clicking on 'HERE'.
Thanks for listening.

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