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A Fine '09

OK, so... let's get on up and testify to A Fine '09 for ambient and all manner of electronic-type shenanigans. 30 of The Finest of Ambient are lined up here for exhibit (beaty stuff to follow in a later instalment). Here goes with the first lot:

A Fine 09 - Ambient I - continuous mix streamable in the player below: A Fine 09 - Ambient I by albient

A Fine 09 - Ambient I
00:00 Maps & Diagrams-Blaen-*k o o m (handstitched*)
02:12 Cylon-I-Resonanz (Dead Pilot)
07:06 Solo Andata-Beyond This Window-Solo Andata (12k)
11:36 Anduin & Jasper TX-A Beam Of Light Bends Back Upon Itself-The Bending Of Light (SMTG)
16:51 Richard Skelton-Undertow-Landings (Type)
22:22 Marble Sky-What You Might Forget-The Sad Return (Students of Decay)
27:43 Tu M'-Monochrome #01-Monochromes Vol.1 (Line)
32:31 Lawrence English-The Prelude To-A Colour For Autumn (12k)
34:30 Chihei Hatakeyama-A Temple In The Past-The River (Hibernate)
37:09 Pausal-Semi Submerged-Pausal EP (Highpoint Lowlife)
42:07 Simon Scott-Spring Stars-Navigare (Miasmah)
47:55 D_rradio-Blue-Leaves (Symbolic Interaction)
54:29 Stephan Mathieu+Taylor Deupree-Nocturne-Transcriptions (Spekk)
58:30 Maps & Diagrams-Utgores-*f o e l (handstitched*)
61:01 Klimek-Tears Of Happiness (Dismissed Into Mundanity)-Movies Is Magic (Anticipate)
66:12 Black To Comm-Traum Gmbh-Alphabet 1968 (Type)
67:47 William Basinski-92982.3-92982 (2062)
74:00 ending

Bring on the next lot...   

A Fine 09 - Ambient II by albient

A Fine 09 - Ambient II
00:00 Alva Noto-Xerrox Monophaser 2 -Xerrox vol.2 (Raster Noton)

05:00 Gareth Hardwick-Lost in the Memory (Machinefabriek Remix)-Aversions (Low Point)
10:27 Steve Roach-A Darker Light-Dynamic Stillness (Projekt)
16:04 Tim Hecker-Currents of Electrostasy-An Imaginary Country (Kranky)
19:44 Lunatik Sound System-Velo City (Original Mix)-Stephan Laubner - Something's out there (14 tracks)
25:43 Adam Pacione-Still Life #5: Evening Colours-Still Life 3" series (Bee Eater)
32:06 Thomas Köner-45° 26' N  12° 20' E (Hour Three)-La Barca (Fario)
36:32 Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21-8 02 02-Dalshe/8 02 02 (with No Traces) (Infraction)
41:03 Forrest Fang-Ebb in Winter-Phantoms (Projekt)
46:56 Oneohtrix Point Never-Months-Russian Mind (No Fun Productions)
49:55 Leyland Kirby-Memories Live Longer Than Dreams-Sadly, the Future Is No Longer What It Was (HAFTW)
56:16 Loren Dent-Love Begins At Zero-Anthropology Vol. 1 (Infraction)
61:13 Celer-Engaged Touches 2-Engaged Touches (Home Normal)
66:34 Rameses III-All Shall Be Well-I Could Not Love You More (Type)
74:00 ending       

Tags: ambient drone mix

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