August 17th, 2008

Great Axescapes: an Archaeology of Drone-gaze Tone-haze Guitar-wranglings

So having spent the last couple of years engaged on on-off archaeology-cum-ethnography of ambient-ish and drone-inclined music using guitar as primary source, I decided to put together some sort of audio-document to represent my trawl through the annals of the winged-eel finger(l)ing wielders of the stretched-out steel-stringed thing. It ended up in a marathon 5-volume compendium, which I offer for download (see individual links below with tracklisting), or for streaming from players on this page.

A series of ambient drone-gaze tone-haze guitar-wranglings topped'n'tailed'n'laid end-to-end into 5 immersive lull-athons
(encoded @ 128 kps bitrate to satisfy you but leave you wanting – support your local Great Axescapist by buying his stuff!)

Here's the first instalment, with others to follow presently:

Great Axescapes 1: GuitarBentlyWeaves     GET it here
0:00-‘Hunter and Sky’-A Lily-String Theory: An Exploration Of International Guitar Sounds-(Dreamland Recordings)
5:27-‘Prayer Wheel’-Sleep Robot-Panic Grass And Feverfew-(Dynamophone)
12:40-‘Track 1’-Monostation-Alchemy Number 3-(Limit Switch)
16:28-‘Coventry Jan 21st’ (excerpt)-Apalusa-Obadiah-(Low Point)
19:24-‘Out Of Red Clouds [...] bis’-Rim-And the loudest thing of all is our own silence-(
25:00-‘Riesal’-Shirk-The Long Game-(Southfacing)
29:20-‘Washing her Hair’-Meursault-Nothing Changed this Week-(Eagle And Serpent Recordings)
33:18-‘8 Lines’-Scott Cortez-v.a.-String Theory: An Exploration Of International Guitar Sounds-(Dreamland Recordings)
37:49-‘We are Getting Closer’-Rafael Toral-Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance-(Touch)
41:18-‘Desert Trains’-Scott Solter-One River-(Tell-All)
45:34-‘When The Sun Has Failed To Shine For You’-Koda-Movements-(Infraction)
50:35-‘Sea of Serenity’-Area C-Sea of Rains-(Students of Decay)
55:55-‘Dawn’-Jason Sloan-A White Bleeding Silence-(Slobor Media)
1:00:46-‘And Still A Tiny Light’-Jasper TX-In A Cool Monsoon-(Pumpkin Seeds In The Sand)
1:07:36-‘Before Long, Before Anyone, The Stars Will Be Walls In My Mind’-Fabio Orsi-Before Long, Before Anyone, The Stars Will Be Walls In My Mind-(Students of Decay)

Great Axescapes 2: GuitarRentlyHeaves GET it here:
0:00-‘Untitled 5’-Seconds In Formaldehyde-Suddenly Silence Burst My Ear-(Tosom)
3:26-‘A Cold Day’-Opn-Echoes Of A Distant Present-(Robotopera)
8:17-‘...I Lay my Ear to Furious Latin’-Frost-Steel Wound-(Room 40)
13:52-‘Exic’-Ultra Milkmaids-Vorely-(Noise Museum)
18:34-‘Space Excerpt (out-take)’-Matt Borghi-Tracing Spaces-(Matt Borghi Music)
24:20-‘Air Guitar’-Peter Wright-Air Guitar-(Drone Records)
29:46-‘Prismatic Radial’-Igneous Flame-Oxana-(Chillfactor 10)
33:13-‘Sunday Afternoon’-Gareth Hardwick-Sunday Afternoon-(Blackest Rainbow)
38:38-‘Urban Nightscape II’-Remco Helbers-On Some Road-(Edition Blue)
45:25-‘Tsunami Death Toll Arising’-thisquietarmy-Wintersleeper-(thisquietarmy Records)
51:05-‘Strange Star Transmissions’-Mike Van Portfleet-Beyond the Horizon Line-(Silber)
56:42-‘So it Follows’-Paul Bradley-v.a.-Störung V.3.0-(Störung)
1:04:46-‘Je t’Oublierai Tous les Jours’-Neon-Au Theatre des Sons Imaginaires-(Poeta Negra)
1:10:26-‘mwvm-almostlive’ (extract)-mwvm-mwvm-almostlive-(

Great Axescapes 3: GuitarFeltlyCreeps GET it here
5:13-‘Some Light From The Heavens’-David Tollefson-New Eyes On The Universe-(Hypnos)
9:08-‘The Point Of It All’-Fennesz-Venice-(Touch)
13:58-‘A Soft Place to Fall’-Adam Pacione-From Stills to Motion-(Infraction)
17:27-‘Untitled’-Giuseppe Ielasi-August-(12k)
22:09-‘Our Way was Lit by Moonlight’-Jefre Cantu-Ledesma-Garden of Forking Paths-(Spekk)
28:02-‘A Sunny Place For Shady People’-Belong-Tour ep-(self-released)
33:34-‘Aircastles’-Our Sleepless Forest-Our Sleepless Forest-(Resonant)
38:30-‘Dream Dragons Slumber’-Wereju-A Dream Half Remembered-(Electric Requiems)
43:39-‘Descend From Ivory Cliffs’-Taiga Remains-Descend From Ivory Cliffs-(Waterscape)
49:22-‘Cloud Mechanism’-Devin Sarno & G.E. Stinson-Heart Cell Memory-(Squirrelgirl)
59:24-‘Burgundy Smear’-Exuviae-Response-(AtmoWorks)
1:03:54-‘Harbinger’-Jeff Pearce-v.a.-Texture: A Compilation of Minimal Ambient Guitar-(SloBor Media)
1:09:52-‘Junitaki’-Manual-Lost Days, Open Skies and Streaming Tides-(Darla)

Great Axescapes 4: GuitarMeltlySeeps               GET it here:
2:54-‘X’-Main-Firmament II-(Beggars Banquet)
6:31-‘New Listening’-Labradford-Prazision-(Kranky)
11:15-‘1999’-Stars of the Lid-v.a.-Art is a Division of Pain Remixed 2-(K2 O Records)
16:04-‘Temporal Continuum’-The Azusa Plane-Tycho Magnetic Anomaly And The Full Consciousness Of Hidden Harmony-(Camera Obscura)
21:31-‘Yemanja’-Troum-Ajin-(Equation Records)
25:39-‘Untitled’-Andrew Chalk-The River That Flows Into The Sands-(Faraway Press)
32:15-‘Cumulus And Fugue’-Roy Montgomery-Inroads: New And Collected Works-(Rebis)
37:00-‘Depths’-Windy & Carl-Depths-(Kranky)
42:08-‘Elena’-Aarktica-No Solace In Sleep-(Silber)
46:24-‘Sent’-Byla-Byla-(Translation Loss)
48:24-‘Wind on Water’-Fripp & Eno-Evening Star-(Editions EG)
53:15-‘Show Us Our Homes’-Eluvium-Talk Amongst the Trees-(Temporary Residence)
57:50-‘Hypnotics’ (extract)-Suso Saiz-Hypnotics-(Slow Food)
1:03:36-‘Zophos’-True Colour of Blood-The Significance of Secrecy-(Afe Records)
1:09:04-‘The Red Summer Sun’-Slow Dancing Society-Priest Lake Circa ’88-(Hidden Shoal Recordings)
1:12:35-‘Open Book’-Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd-After the Night Falls-(Darla)

Great Axescapes 5: GuitarSpentlyBleeds       GET it
0:00-‘Plants And Hearts’-Christopher Willits-Plants And Hearts-(Room40)
3:16-‘Untitled’-Brian Grainger-The Fieldtriqp Reconstructions-(Milieu Music)
5:49-‘Waist Deep Sea’-David Tagg-Waist Deep Seas Of Milk-()
10:16-‘Moon through the Branches’-Hammock-The Sleep-over Series vol. 1-(Hammock Music)
14:18-‘Uschi’-Televise-Secret Valentine-(Distant Noise)
18:59-‘Keeping A Low Profile’-Rain-Cloud-Rain-Cloud-(Benbecula)
23:35-‘Luce sull'Acqua’-Solyaris-v.a.-Lightnoise-(Umbra)
28:04-‘Coastal’-Matt Borghi & Ben Fleury-Steiner-What the Night Leaves Behind-(Gears of Sand)
30:29-‘Number Of The Mind’-Markus Reuter-Trepanation-(Lotuspike)
35:48-‘Undine’-Aidan Baker-At the Fountain of Thirst-(Mystery Sea)
41:08-‘Yukidaruma’-Hakobune-Melting Reminiscences-(Waterscape)
43:02-‘Blackhill Transmitter’-talkingmakesnosense-Surroundings-(Benbecula)
48:42-‘Origins II - June 9th 2005’-Rameses III-Basilica-(Important)
51:45-‘Ward’-Zac Keiller-v.a.-String Theory: An Exploration Of International Guitar Sounds-(Dreamland Recordings)
55:24-‘Spanish Moss’ (extract)-SunDummy-Spanish Moss-(TZP Drone Company)
1:00:10-‘Time As Seen From The Machine’-Brian Lavelle-How to Construct a Time Machine-(Bake Records)
1:09:44-‘Waves’-White Rainbow-Prism of the Eternal Now-(Kranky)