January 2nd, 2009

Some Greats of '08

OK, so... let's get down and get with it on the Great-Things-from-2008 front. 30 of 'em for the sake of argument. Here goes with the first 15:

’08 Greats Vol. I - continuous mix streamable in the player below or available for download here
00:00    Paul Bradley-“Consumed Part 3” (extract)-Consumed (Twenty Hertz)
05:40    Stephan Mathieu-“Auf der Gasse”-Radioland (Die Schachtel)
10:06    Fabio Orsi-“The Psychedelic Power of Bubbles (You and Me)” (extract)-Audio for Lovers (Last Visible Dog)
15:53    Hakobune-“Yukidaruma” (extract)-Melting Reminiscence (Waterscape)
20:40    Christopher Bissonnette-“A Touch Of Heartbreak”-In Between Words (Kranky)
27:16    Rameses III-“Basilica 'remix by Keith Berry'”-Basilica (Important)
32:00    Lawrence English-“Figure's Lone Static”-Kiri No Oto (Touch)
38:49    Gel-Sol-“Orca” (extract)-IZ (Psychonavigation)
43:20    David Tagg-“Track 3 [untitled]”-Fundamentals of Orchid Biology (Second Sun)
46:48    Fennesz-“Vacuum”-Black Sea (Touch)
49:56    Belong-“Same Places (Slow Version)” (extract)-Same Places (Table of the Elements)
55:47    Wereju-“A Demon-Haunted World” (extract)-A Demon-Haunted World (self-released)
1:00:41 Alio Die-“Tempus Rei Part II” (extract)-Tempus Rei (Hic Sunt Leones)
1:06:30 Celer-“Delaying the Entropy, in Emptiness, Forms are Born” (extract)-Discourses of the Withered (Infraction)
1:11:22 Eluder-“The Most Beautiful Blue”-The Most Beautiful Blue (Infraction)
1:17:38 Ending

Bring on the rest!!

’08 Greats Vol. II - continuous mix streamable in the player below or available for download here:
00:00     Sans Serif–“Alpha”-Tones For LaMonte (Hypnos Secret Sounds)
04:54     Brian Lavelle-“Pyre Nullity” (extract)-Ustrina (Afe)   
10:06     James Devane-“39-41”-James Devane (www.bremsstrahlung-recordings.org/transradiation)   
11:20     Orchestramaxfieldparrish-“Part 4”-The Silent Breath Of Emptiness (Faith Strange)   
15:20     The Tumbled Sea-“Doves”-Songs By The Tumbled Sea (www.myspace.com/thetumbledsea)
20:58     Beta Two Agonist-“Kamunyak”-Autumn Perdue (Databloem)   
26:11     Talkingmakesnosense-“Cloudcroft Mirror”-Cloudcroft Mirror (Benbecula) 
32:05     Kevin Drumm-“More Blood And Guts” (extract)-Imperial Distortion (Hospital Productions)
34:45     Philip Jeck-“Chime Again”-Sand (Touch)
39:39     I am Seamonster-“Nebulum” (extract)-Nebulum|Constellatrix (Basses Frequences)
43:47     The Fun Years-“My Lowville” (extract)-Baby, It's Cold Inside (Barge)
48:32     Apalusa-“Obadiah Part 2” (extract)-Obadiah (Low Point)
53:31     Alistair Crosbie-“Sirenmusic” (extract)-Musicforshipwrecks (Afe)
58:00     Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker-“Dream of the Nightmare”-Fantasma-Parastasie (Alien8)       
1:02:10  Manual-“Confluence” (extract)-Confluence (Darla)
1:08:29  Ending