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Nowthatswhaticallmnmlambidubtechno! vol.2
If you're looking for Great Axescapes, the various volumes are accessible from the homepage here (scroll down, as req., if you don't see 'em). However, if you're looking for nowthatswhaticallmnmlambidubtechno! vol.2 (the second in a series of DIY minimal ambient dub techno assemblages), you've come to the right place. You can stream it (below) or download it here

Nowthatswhaticallmnmlambidubtechno! vol.2                 Length: 1:13:28

[approx start time-'track'-artist-release-(label)]
0:00-‘sumpa’-shed-these kinky dudes from germany-(soloaction)
and in parallel a fragment of: ‘getaway’-marcel dettmann-quicksand/getaway-(ostgut)   
2:00-‘nightwalk’-vectrex-v.a.-my music is my space 2-(statik entertainment)
5:39-‘resonance’-substance & vainqueur-libration/resonance-(scion versions)   
18:34-‘alaska (substance remix 1)’-monolake-v.a.-alaska remixes-(monolake/imbalance computer music)
20:00-‘circular’-quantec-v.a.-4th bouquet-(styrax leaves)   
24:50-‘vantage isle (dc mix 3)-deepchord-vantage isle sessions-(echospace [detroit])
30:26-‘untitled 2 (mike huckaby remix)-urban force-v.a.-my music is my space 2-(statik entertainment)
35:08-‘modular’-pacou-sound device-(cache)   
39:37-‘radar’-move d & benjamin brunn-songs from the beehive-(smallville)   
44:49-‘hermsdorfer kreuz’-daniel stefanik-v.a.-my music is my space 3-(statik entertainment)   
49:44-‘realm of possibilities’-sven schienhammer-the aural dazzling-(wavetec)   
54:44-‘electromagnetic dowsing step 3 (bonus)’-deepchord/huckaby-electromagnetic dowsing-(synth
1:00:05-‘ostrich mountain square’-shed-shedding the past-(ostgut ton)   
1:02:40-‘barque’-tob jona-troika-(a.r.t.less)
1:06:35-‘witness’-break sl-laguna seca-(philpot)


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