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The Outer Limits: dubstep&beyond
"I would like to scan all of you in this room one at a time.
I, I must remind you that the, uh, scanning experience is usually a painful one,
sometimes resulting in nosebleeds, earaches, stomach cramps, nausea.
Sometimes other symptoms of a similar nature.
There's a doctor present, Dr. Gatineau.
I know that you've all been prepared for this,
but I thought I'd just remind you just the same.
Uh, there is one other thing...
No one is to leave this room once the demonstration has begun.

the outer limits: dubstep&beyond (a DIY mix of dubstep-doings and bassbin-boomings). Get it HERE
or stream it BELOW

0:00-‘the goat stare’-loefah-root/the goat stare-(dmz)
4:08-‘deviant’-pangaea-coiled-(hessle audio)
9:36-‘circling’-appleblim & peverelist-soundboy's ashes get hacked up and spat out in disgust-(skull disco)
14:42-‘dream cargo’-lv-cctv/dream cargo-(hyperdub)
19:43-‘daoine sidhe’-likhan-qumran/daoine sidhe-(7even)
25:00-‘vancouver’-martyn-natural selection/vancouver -(3024)
30:09-‘fieldtrip’-boxcutter-glyphic-(planet mu)
33:50-‘white mark’-ital tek-blood line-(planet mu)
37:59-‘delight’-distance-my demons-(planet mu)
43:21-‘natural mystic/sunshine’-vivek-natural mystic/sunshine-(on the edge)
46:24-‘nest’-pangaea-coiled-(hessle audio)
51:21-‘losing marbles (2562 remix)’-trg & dub u-losing marbles-(hotflush recordings)
57:43-‘angels in the rain’-pinch-underwater dancehall-(tectonic)



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